WeedRoller PRO Literature 2017 Catalog - Page 2

IT’S TIME TO TAKE CONTROL The WeedRoller PRO Is Ready To Work For YOU! Features You Can’t Get Anywhere Else! 21 Feet Of Lake Bottom Rollers The three 7-foot rollers make the WeedRoller PRO easy to handle and bolt together with a steel coupler at the beginning and flexible cou plers between the 7 and 14-foot lengths. An optional coupler can be installed between these tube assemblies to provide additional flexibility. These couplers allow the rollers to follow variations in the contour of the lake bottom. All tubes are made of aluminum and are 6 inches in diameter. Add up to three more Rollers for a total of six, equaling a 42-foot radius of weed removal. Auto Cycle Dock Mounting Your dealer can program the unit to cycle from 12 hours to 5 days. Simply press and hold the start button and the WeedRoller PRO does the rest. The basic hardware mounts to docks with support legs of 2 inch (or less) diameter round or square dock posts. There is also an optional tripod mounting kit, allowing it to be self standing. Park You choose where the unit starts and stops. Time Out The WeedRoller PRO senses heavy weed or muck conditions that may prevent it from getting through its full travel path on the first try. If sensed, it will automatically reverse rotation to avoid getting stuck. For further protection, if unsuccessful after three attempts the unit will shut down to allow removal of the obstruction. Safety First 110-volt household current is converted to 28-volt AC through the power converter. Also included is an 8 amp circuit breaker on the 28-volt, AC side. Operating Depth The basic 28-volt WeedRoller PRO kit has enough clearance for 4.5 feet of water at the drive head.