WedLuxe Global Trend Report Summer 2017 Edition - Page 5

W E D L U X E LOV E S A SURREAL TOUCH Surrealist artist Alexia Sinclair and conceptual painter Sue Williams A’Court announce their joint Echoes of Rococo exhibition, to run at the James Freeman Gallery in London from July 6-29, 2017, showcasing their individual interpretations of contemporary rococo. JAMESFREEMANGALLERY.COM HAUTE HISTORY From now until February 2018, Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion is on at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. VAM.AC.UK #COCOCAFÉ Celebrating the launch of Rouge Coco Gloss, a Chanel-themed café has been popping up in locations across Europe, Asia, and North America, allowing fans of the label to immerse themselves in an interactive space complete with photo ops and branded beverages. CHANE L .COM HOLY GRAIL BAG Records were shattered this past May when the ultra-rare white Himalaya Birkin, handmade from Niloticus crocodile and featuring more than 240 diamonds on its 18-kt gold hardware, sold at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong for an eye-popping $379,261 USD. C H RISTIE S.CO M @KERINA_HSUEH 5