WedLuxe Global Trend Report Summer 2017 Edition - Page 33

RADFORD Makeout Balm, VI CTO R I A R A D FO R D.CO M This intensive, paraben-free lip treatment boosts hydration and collagen synthesis for smoother, fuller and younger-looking lips. BECCA X CHRISSY TEIGEN Glow Face Palette, SE PHORA.COM After selling out following its initial May release, this collab with model mom and social media star Chrissy Teigen is back, and it’s all you need to achieve the ultimate endless summer glow. Get it while it lasts! @ K AT I E J A N E H U G H E S BOBBI BROWN BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter in Opal Flashes Jade, SE P H O R A .CO M The ultimate highlighter for summer is infused with kaleidoscopic pearls that reflect the light as you move for a hypnotizing, luminous complexion. Eye Gloss, B OB B I B ROWNCOSMETIC S .COM Glossy lids are all the rage (as you’ll see in the new S/F 2017 print edition of WedLuxe Magazine)! These specially formulated pens deliver a no-fuss ultra-shine finish with just one swipe. 33