WedLuxe Global Trend Report April 2016 - Page 17

W E D LUX E B R I D E S POT L I G H T You are a well-known jewellery designer — how did you start your company? Looking back now, I can see how I was destined to be a jewellery designer. From a young age, I remember going to the mall with my mom, and after an evening of looking around, I would come home to play dress up and accessorize. There are tons of pictures of me as a child with jewellery, dresses and high heeled shoes. I didn’t revisit my passion again until I was in my last year at York University, when I rediscovered my love of making jewellery and I started to spend more and more time creating new pieces. It just came naturally. With no formal training I registered a business and after I graduated, I concentrated on making Tara Fava Jewellery my career and life’s passion. I started making bridal jewellery when one of my clients asked me to make her pieces. I remember being so nervous, but was so honoured that she trusted me. That’s really when it all began. What are your favourite jewellery pieces? I choose my jewellery based on my mood for the day. Lately, I can’t leave home without my gold crystal pavé handpiece, which works well with just about any outfit. I am also absolutely in love with a gold link choker which is very much on trend right now. Of course, I love my diamond engagement ring and wedding band, which I designed. What trends do you see coming in your line of work? We have a lot of new things coming up with head pieces, chokers, handpieces, shoulder pieces, and side earrings. One thought that has been floating around in my head recently is, “What is old, always becomes new again,”  meaning that trends and designs of the past are to be recreated and modernized. What jewellery did you wear on your wedding day? In the morning, I wore a shoulder piece that was encrusted with pearls, white opals and crystals, which gave the dress added sparkle. w w 17