Weddings Tagaytay Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 1 (July 2017-2019) - Page 332

Timeless Bridal Beauty
by Makeup by Mhagie,
“ They will
remember and
appreciate you
and your clients
will help you
become well-known without
you knowing it.
My goal is quality
makeup and
everything will
Humble Beginnings
Starting with his best friend as his
first client, Makeup by Mhagie has
indeed come a long way. Twenty-five year old Ronald Adano
Aloc has been enjoying seven
years in the industry, with four
years of it dedicated to working
in a salon and three years as a
freelancer. He started at a tender
age of 17 by assisting professional
hair and makeup artists. He viewed
it as an opportunity to learn their
techniques and adapt their practices. He dreamt of one day
becoming one of them.
Indeed, the years of watching and
observing others paid off. “Makeup
is my life and my passion. It’s a reward for me
to witness the amazing looks of my bride,” he shares.
As with all stories, passion really is
the key.
Mhagie’s unique touch,
Nothing is more precious than
experience, as they say. Makeup by
Mhagie has handled clients from
every walk of life since Ronald has
started in the industry. This allows
him to know individual differences
among brides – from what they
want to what they don’t want. He’s
also learned to adjust to ensure
that he gives his clients what they
deserve on their special day.
According to Ronald, clients
choose him to experience quality
makeup that lasts not only on their
wedding day but will be remembered even after the celebration.
He makes sure that his work is
something that not only the cou-
ple will remember but also, their
guests. For him, nothing is more
fulfilling than seeing the bride walk
down the aisle while everyone is
staring at how beautiful she is. Every bride deserves to be her most
beautiful version on the most unforgettable moment of her life, he
believes. “The makeup will speak
for itself,” he shares.