Wedding Guide-Wabash Valley-Terre Haute Living April 2019 - Page 22

Question: How important is it to hire professional vendors for my wedding? Answer: Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. While professional vendors may cost more than well meaning friends or acquaintances, it is important they be properly insured as well as having a contractual obligation to take care of their area of expertise for your wedding. Most venues require vendors have a certificate of insurance which protects not just them but your liability as well. The exception would be if you have a family member or friend that has a business in an area of your wedding needs. They would still need to meet the insurance requirements. Jeff Winchester, President Wabash Valley Bridal Society Great weddings don’t just happen... They start by hiring the right people. Our trusted wedding professionals are the very best in the area; they’re experts with a proven track record of excellence. You can be confident entrusting them with the details of your big day. WWW.WABASHVALLEYBRIDALSOCIETY.COM Tribune-Star - Wedding Planner 22 April 2019