Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 94

Featured Supplier Destination Venue Yellow Coco bed and breakfast For couples whose wanderlust will not permit them to settle just anywhere, here’s a spot for your wedding getaway… Yellow Coco Are you looking for a cool breeze to serenade your wedding or for the rural charm to rub on your ceremony? Find the refreshing winds of Tagaytay in Yellow Coco special venue. Yellow Coco Tagaytay, where modern meets Mediterranean, exudes a soothing and relaxing ambiance while regaling in vibrant colors. An abundance of greenery takes you away from cold structures that dominate other cities. Pocket gardens abloom lend a subtly sweet fragrance and contribute to the venue’s overall splendor. (+632) 861.5944 | (+632)861.2944 A Wedding Haven Far enough from industrial noise and yet near enough to just keep you eager during the trip. If you want to get away without getting away for your wedding, Yellow Coco offers that exclusive location. Family and guests can opt to stay in their delightful and cozy villas which are furnished to cater to every guest’s basic needs. You can also exclusively book Yellow Coco and have your reception in their lush gardens. (+63) 922-837-6248