Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 79

THE TRUTH the myth 6: “exclusive venue means expensive venue.” Photo Courtesy of Angels Delight Catering Not always. I’ve looked at so many venue prices and I’ve noticed something quite profound. Certain venues become CHEAPER if you book it for an earlier time. Maybe it’s because more couples go for afternoon weddings, but if you’d like to save a bit on a venue you love, maybe a morning wedding can be a good idea—and a refreshing one at that! You can just serve brunch after the ceremony. All those sunlight can only mean the best pictures anyway. But if you’re set on an afternoon affair, then think about getting a date that falls during the off-peak season. No, to May, June and December…. Most weddings, fall on these dates. Expect prices to be sky high! And weekends are favorites too, so you can skip that as well. You may also consider finding a venue that simply offers exclusive use. Try out less known venues, consult other brides or coordinators. – well-read bride nt “If you wa the myth 7: the tonumsavbee,r cuof t the THE TRUTH guest” This is a popular notion. And it’s quite logical. The more people, the more food needed. Right? But little tweaks can help you accommodate a bigger crowd without blowing the budget. If you really want a big gathering but can’t afford sit-down meals, your alternative is to simply go buffet. Often, couples will choose to serve sit-down meals to the principal sponsors only, and buffet for the rest. Serve dishes that are delicious as they are affordable. Maybe a fish dish over a beefy one. There are other ways to save aside from food matters, like having the ceremony and reception in one place one venue to style and virtually no need for transportation. Or, choose a local honeymoon spot. The important thing is, if you know your priority is your guests, then by all means, make them a priority, and cut out on other things. Goodluck! -tipid bride