Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 78

the myth 5: “It’s June, and I’m getting married on December. So, I’ll book a venue on September, or, October, or maybe later when everything is done.” THE TRUTH That’s a bad idea! A Reception Venue and the Church, should be number one on your list of must-find-ASAP. Remember that you have limiting factors. Let’s say, technically, there are hundreds and thousands of churches and venues in the Philippines. But, if you’re from Luzon, and you’re not planning a destination wedding, then you are limited to Luzon churches. That is limiting factor number one. Or, furthermore, you just want a church within your area, and hopefully near the reception. Which, you haven’t figured out yet, right? Then, there’s the question of which of the nearby churches and venues can actually accommodate your guests… Which offers the services and amenities you need? Which can you afford? And just when you think the list of limiting factors, there’s still one more thing. Is the day still available? That is the question you don’t want answered with a “No.”. Otherwise, you are back to square one, which Luzon or Visayas or Mindanao churches are out there? And so on. To avoid this cycle of finding a church or venue and not being able to book it, again and again, being early is the best policy! If you don’t want to end up with your second or third choice, book early. Six months before, or if you can, book a year early. This is especially true for ‘popular’ churches which are always fully booked way ahead of time. - April Tong, The Wedding Digest