Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 77

THE TRUTH the myth 3: “Stylist? Impractical d Not needed.” an THE TRUTH While some venues have a clear policy - Michelle Marie Torijjos, on accredited caterers, that is not true for all Wedding Digest Publisher venues. What is true for all venues with accredited suppliers is that this list comes with their highest recommendations. It is to simply give you options in caterers or suppliers that they trust themselves. These suppliers most probably have already catered in that particular venue, and with flying colors. A decent venue wouldn’t suggest suppliers who are not credible, otherwise, it would reflect badly on them. But, getting a caterer outside the venue’s list may require a corkage fee. And, others, may also ask for a bond fee which is usually refundable after the event, once they are sure that no untoward incidence was brought about by an outside supplier. When your venue is in a hotel, normally, they have their own catering service so outside caterers may be out of the question. On the good side, it makes facilitating much easier. When you are intent on having a caterer or supplier out of the venue’s accredited list, be sure that they coordinate with the venue for possible set-up requirements and other issues. Inquire about the other fees you may incur in doing so. Have everything written in black-and-white for future reference if the need arises. - Michelle Marie Torijjos, Wedding Digest Publisher Styling will be practical if you focus on - Michelle Marieyour Torijjos, the details that would make dream Wedding Digest Publisher theme come true. Focus on the colors and into the smallest details. A nice bowtied on the cutlery will exude a shabby chic look to the dining. Good lighting can create a very nice ambience and is more inexpensive. Small hand-tied floral centerpieces that can also serve as souvenirs, and a lot more… –Ralph Jason Copiaco, Ralph & Co. Events the myth 4: “The venue you get has accredited suppliers. You have no choice.”