Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 76

the myth 1 : “If you want to save, forget the coordinator! Wedding planning is a piece of cake.” THE TRUTH The wedding planner or coordinator is NOT an additional expense. It’s a ‘major supplier’. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event worth spending for. And a dream that is not carefully planned turns into a nightmare. A wedding planner will make sure that the dream will come true. – Mavreen Macalindong, MAVIE Events Management Photo Courtesy of Norman Gorecho Sure we can trust grandma’s forewarnings and grandpa’s words of wisdom… But, sometimes, there are things best left to those who know the FACTS. Our fact-finders reveal the WHOLE TRUTH about wedding misconceptions… the myth 2: “It’s better to avoid BAD LUCK, than to wear your wedding gown before your wedding day. Oh, no!” THE TRUTH For my personal experience as a Bridal Gown Designer, I have not encountered a client who does not want to fit her gown. A bride’s wedding day is one of the most important event of her life – her gown should fit her body perfectly. Hence, the bride should fit her gown before her wedding. She doesn’t want to look at her wedding pictures after and be sad because her gown was a disaster or not to her liking. She should be happy with her gown so on her special day she looks blooming and confident. –Tammy Tan, Bridal Gown Designer