Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 68

BRADFORD SHOES giving you New Heights BE CONFIDENT. BE POSITIVE. BE TALLER. Are you one of those men who secretly wish they were a bit taller? Maybe to impress, to be able to stand proudly beside a girl or just to boost your self-esteem? Stretches won’t do much in a short time, and an operation –too risky, too expensive, too rare, and probably would take too long a time to heal as well. Fortunately, somebody did step in our shoes ... Bradford’s Elevator Shoes gives you up to 4 ½ inches by simply wearing them—thanks to a height technology working inside the shoes that also adds cushion for your soles. You are taller and more comfortable! Surprise your bride in any of these dashing pairs, and keep her wondering all day long... Now, that’s a secret you’d want to keep. NARSON P 4,299 NARSON P 3,999 PAXSON P4,199