Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 64

A ROYAL Hairpiece Here’s something we can borrow from Kate Middleton’s royal look, our own Tiara! This sparkly accessory lends us an additional sparkle for our tresses. Feel like a real-life princess on your day and own one! GARGANTILLA www.garg a n tilla .w ix . c o m/ s t o re PRINCESSWEDS | www.p rin cess we d s . we e b ly. c o m Hairvine O Materials: Flat Beads Php 1200 plus shipping fee Hairvine F our popular hairvine Materials: Crystals and Rhinestones Php 1400 plus shipping fee Hairvine D Materials: Coated Crystals Php 600 plus shipping fee Hairvine E Materials: Crystals and Rhinestones Php 1000 plus shipping fee