Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 6

Dave Ocampo He started as an apprentice to a well-known designer, and now stands on his own merits. Ingenious and original, his designs have seen the ramp many times; celebrated in fashion shows, on the spread of magazines, donned by beauty queens or simply and beautifully walking down the aisle. Here, he takes the challenge of giving us A Wedding Gown that is Price-less. Tricia Castrodes All the goodness and sweetness in a little piece of cupcake! Her creations may be small, but one couldn’t resist its rich taste... and the designs, delectable as well. She grants our request with her easy to follow Do-It-Yourself Little Cakes, for all the hidden wanna be bakers in all of us. ontributors C MEET THE CONTRIBUTORS Richard Gonzales At his studio, treasured memories is all you can expect. Bringing us what’s almost out of reach... Through technology and enhancements, they are Capturing Love With Enhanced Infrared. Let them transform your pictures to precious treasures, revealing the unseen. Bien Rivera An emcee and singer in one, he is well-versed, has travelled the world and is a natural charmer. His experience in different weddings gave him foresight on sticky situations and how we can all avoid them. Like a Wedding Primer, his opinions are valuable, fit for a black tie event. Eddie Quizada Creative Photographer, and the eyes behind some of the most vibrant pictures out there, he helps capture moments in weddings, debuts, advertising, corporate events and more in his I-Shot Studio. He gets down on photography styles to guide us Pick A Style Pic.