Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 58

An Exquisite Collection of Wedding Bands in Every Size, Color,Style & Combination “UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE” -an enchantingly novel and unique combination of 2 precious metals, the refulgent, newest Whitest Silver and 14K Yellow Gold, masterfully bonded together in various exquisite, captivating, dimensional patterns of amazing, sharply defined colours and impressively encircling the solitary, scintillating, brilliant-cut diamond in such breathtakingly remarkable chic and class. The pure, exceptional elegance and the simple, refined style of Orocher’s latest innovative wedding ring collection make it the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous traditional wedding rings. The unusual, striking union of silver and gold, with the delightful and marvellous accent of sparkling diamond reflects the equally unique and unbreakable bond that joins a man and a woman in marriage. “NEWEST CLASSIC COMBINATION” -trend has been growing in the fashion world and the style combination of White Gold and Rose Gold are becoming a model combination. Imagine a white gold ring reflecting the pinkish tones of a rose gold ring with beautiful diamonds adorning both.