Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 46

Featured Supplier DESIGNER TINA BASA – REYES --- “I am inspired by the challenge to make somebody look and feel good with what they wear.” GOWN SaLoN Ms. Tina Basa-Reyes designing and cutting for ALL bride sizes. An Ancestry of Cuts & Patterns “We are a family of master cutters!” exclaims Ms. Tina Basa-Reyes. Her mom has been sewing for about 60 years, her sister 40, and her brother 30, while Ms. Tina has already logged in 17 years in the business. She adds, “As early as high school, I know that this is what I want. According to my mom, this is not just something we inherited from our grandparents, it started way back our ancestors. It’s in the blood.” While some designers simply design without being able to actually create an outfit on their own, she takes pride in being skilled enough to oversee a design from sketch to fabric. “My rates are lower than your normal fashion designers because I do the patterns myself. I don’t have cutters to execute the designs. So it’s very rare that you come across designers who can make patterns.” How important is this? Aside from the budgetcut from having no extra hands to do the patterns, you are assured that what you see [the design] is what you’ll get [the wedding gown]. From Stick Thin To Major Curves! Because she is a seasoned cutter, sewer and designer she has no problems designing gowns for brides of all body types. There is no ‘ideal’ silhouette because her goal is to bring out the beauty of the bride through her wedding gown – big and small. “We are a family of master cutters!” “Whether I have petite brides or more curvy ones... That’s actually my forte, wedding gowns for curvier and bigger types. It’s easy for me [also] to assess their taste. You show them a magazine and from there, they pin point exactly what they like. I am inspired by the challenge to make somebody look and feel good with what they wear. And I don’t repeat wedding gowns. I customize per bride so there’s no two of the same design. Check my website, gowns are not repeated nor duplicated.” Her target date to finish a gown is at least a month before the wedding. She explains, “I have no problem with deliveries because of that [one month target]. Because I’m a master cutter I have control over my clothes—from the fit to the beadworks and the price.” Ms. Tina’s business is home-based and she specializes in wedding gowns. 168 M. Paterno St. San Juan Telephone No.: +632 215 3741 Mobile No.: +63 917 844 3323 Email: Facebook: Tina Basa Reyes Gown Salon