Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 44

Grooms Corner the latest wedding tidbits for the modern groom. Top tips for choosing the BEST MAN FIRST know the responsibilities you will be entrusting to your BEST MAN—(1) the bachelor’s party, (2) leading the groomsmen and assisting during the ceremony (i.e. getting the signatures of the principal sponsors), (3) the toast and, most importantly, (4) taking care of the ring. Let these guide you in choosing. like a tip, but it is. A friend of mine assumed his best man was free, while keeping himself busy with other things. As it turns out, the best man thought the wedding was on a different day. They were too busy to keep tabs on each other! On choosing family members, while your father may be a good choice, he may not be comfortable in planning for a bachelor’s party. A brother may be more appropriate but if you have more than one, then, consider having BEST MEN; after all there is no rule that you should just have one. An old buddy is also a great choice, especially one who has seen your relationship grow. Be sure he is available. I know this may not sound So, double-check please. Get kinky! The big switch. For grooms who opt not to go for the traditional floral pieces, Vatel Manila’s Hnadmade Goodness has something cool to offer for the groom and his entourage. Each piece is creatively crafted our of fabric or paper and can be customized on the groom’s preferred design. Tie Ups Get your groomsmen in style! Match up your ties and get customized. Visit for tie ups with your wedding… What is HONEY MOON TEA? Hand-painted barong If you think barongs are boring, think again! Barongs now come in different colors and modern designs. Check out the handpainted barongs offered by Maricetela Gowns and Barong. You got it, its tea for your honeymoon! Making raves for its libido claims, Honey Moon Tea is readily available in Mercury Drugstore outlets. Does it work? Well, we can’t say for sure but sharing a cup of tea with a loved one sure warms the heart! Cartooned You! Surprise your honey with a cute rendition of you in a caricature! Be Mr. & Mrs. Smith or King & Queen, Mixcaricature Design lets you live up to your fantasies (finally, you can have the chiseled abs you’ve always wanted!). Visit