Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 36

Contributors Save on Wedding A wedding gown PRICE-LESS that is Your dream wedding gown doesn’t have to be a nightmare on the price tag. Designer David Ocampo shares some precious thoughts to help you save... Sit down and Talk Every conversation is about two or more individuals exchanging ideas. When it comes to your wedding gown, especially when you’re hoping to save, you can’t just do all the talking. Neither can your designer, Mr. David shares “As a designer, communication with the clients is always a priority. It is the best way to save. The budget for the wedding gown is the biggest factor when it comes to designing a gown. We always ask the client about their ceiling price and we will take it from there. Working with a tight budget is not a problem for a designer (well, it shouldn’t be) for it is our job (or obligation) to make even your last centavo worth it.” Don’t go to a designer without a price in your head, otherwise, you can easily go over budget. Of course, it’s hard to just settle with one price, but you can at least have a range to work with. Fabrics and Designs There are probably thousands and thousands of designs in the market. The most expensive wedding gown is not necessarily your dream wedding gown. “Keeping it simple yet classy and tasteful is always recommended when it comes to a tight budget.” he advises. But, while some of us may happily don on an effortless, unadorned wedding gown, this may not always work. A number of brides-to-be may want a lovely brooch to have a focal point, others may prefer a bigger skirt, these special add-ons will increase the price, but in moderation and in choosing the materials, you can still be within your budget. He explains, “When it comes to details, it is like architecture, putting the right accent at the right place. It doesn’t have to be heavy. It is the proper proportion that counts. That’s why we always see “ is our job to make even your last centavo worth it.” to it that we see our clients in person so we know what design matches her figure. We see to it that the bride and not the gown alone, will stand out.” He adds, “It is as simple as, the more materials we use, the higher the chance of cost. Fortunately, so far, all our clients understand this concept of supply and demand. Layering is one of the biggest concept that makes the price rise as well as the demand for an expensive fabric or materials. Some of the expensive fabrics are piña silk, micado silk and duchess satin. But we also have alternatives like organza in exchange for piña. Shantung satin and soft satin in exchange for duchess satin. for flowy gowns we recommend chiffon (local). The price of the materials always depend on the suppliers and distributors in the fabric market.” Ask your designer for cheaper fabric alternatives, moderate embellishments. “Generally, by the end of the day, it is still what the bride wishes.” he muses. But, it won’t hurt to keep these saving tips in mind. You don’t measure a gown’s worth in pesos, but in how it complements your silhouette, how it goes with your character..and ultimately, on how it makes you feel. DAVE OCAMPO FASHION HOUSE Adress: 777 Katarungan St corner Sgt Bumatay, Barangay New Zaniga Mandaluyong city Contact: (+632) 785.1380 | (+632) 212.4324 Fax: (+632) 532-9369 Mobile no: (+63) 915.8134346 | (+63) 995 8945788 Email ad: Website: