Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 297

Superior Room. And affordable. That’s right. Even the budget-conscious can now relax. Enjoy your king-size bed, cable TV, hot and cold shower, and a mini-bar. Now that’s a bargain! Deluxe Room. Two double beds and basic amenities, check. “ a home away from home.” Family Room. Second in size to the Premier Suite, two king-size bed, with space for an additional bed should you need more. Dorm Rooms. After your honeymoon, you may want your friends to share the same soothing experience, that is, Boracay Tropics. The Dorm Suite has six bunk beds, secured cabinets and that signature mini-bar for late night in-room partying! The Giant Bean-Shaped Pool. This architectural beauty has a secret. And it is in the tiles. The special tiles in the pool “trap the heat from the Boracay sun and keeps the heat in” replicating a heated pool. Perfect for day and night swimming. TropiCafe Restaurant. Choose from Oriental and Western cuisine. Or, visit the bar and unwind. But if you’re looking to rev up for the night ahead, their KTV Rooms will cater to your needs. For pampering, skilled attendants at the health and nail spa await. While kids (and kids-at-heart) can keep busy in the children’s game room. Even those with business and pleasure in mind can find their seminar facilities adequate for dealings, big and small. Ever heard the phrase ‘everything under one roof’? This is it. Your Honeymoon Destination Boracay Tropics, takes you to the island that was when it was still a secret place. It brings you to the original Boracay, a breathtaking escape to all the madness back in the cities… and keeps you connected to the Boracay now, filled with festivity and activities. The best of both worlds. Feel the love in this exclusive paradise. Boracay: Boat Station 2, Bo. Manggayad, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines Contact no.: (+6336) 288-4034 Fax: (+6336) 288-3700 Manila Office: (+632) 887-0581 | (+632) 887-4652 Email: