Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 280

Featured Supplier Lights and Sounds “We don’t just do sounds, we make every moment of the event memorable.” Joneal Mina and Carrisa Monteros are sending waves in the wedding industry. am•bi•ance The ever dependable dictionary defines ambiance as the ‘mood, character, quality, tone, and atmosphere, particularly, of an environment or milieu’. Although the venue and its setup contributes a lot to the ambiance of a wedding, these two are unchanging. What guests see upon arrival, will remain all throughout. That which is continuously vibrant and shifting will, therefore, dictate the mood, character, quality, tone, and atmosphere with every minute. Like a movie, dreary without sounds and proper lighting, your wedding’s sounds and lights will keep the ante up. This is where JS Mina Sound System, provider of sounds and mood lighting, comes in. “It was my passion for music that pushed me through in starting this business. I even remembered sneaking out at night to go to some clubs to keep myself up to date with the latest music. Our DJ service is what differentiates us from others in our industry. We don’t just do sounds, we make every moment of the event memorable.” A Sound Advice There is an abundance of wedding suppliers and the same can be said with sounds provider. The owners of JS Mina Sound System share with us four points that give them a different level of Joneal S. Mina / Carrisa Mina Proprietor Alvin Ortega Marketing Head (+63) 998.9962501 resonance in the industry. (1) We deliver more than what is expected – sound system is more than just filling the air with music, we bring life to the event. (2) We dress to impress – we’re very strict in wearing our color-coded uniforms for our events, making sure we look presentable to our clientele. (3) We use state of the art equipments – we constantly upgrade our equipments to keep up with the changing technology to give only the best to our clients (4) We Give Just the Right Sounds. “My inspiration is my father. He taught me to never give up and always think positive. And as for our clients, you should always be honest and give your heart in your service. Smile is a must and be presentable to the people you’re meeting.” In bringing your wedding story to life, ambiance is a powerful thing. A Decade of Excellence. To celebrate JS MINA’s Lights and Sounds 10th year in the event industry, they have upgraded and are offering a wide range of production equipment like P5 model LED walls, stages, trusses, projectors, Iwata coolers and Mega Tents (open and enclosed). This will enable them to strategically widen their market and opened their door to accept corporate events while still keeping their roots in the wedding industry where they started. We are near Tagaytay, No OUT OF TOWN CHARGE. Marketing Line (+63) 906.3636255 Blk. 34, Lot 15, Ph 6 Brgy Banaba, Silang Cavite Mernan Adarlo Marketing Associate (+63) 998.9962503