Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 274

Featured Supplier Photobooth Offering a fun addition to your wedding, and already with three branches: Metro Manila Branch: Einar Drilon & Roma Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro Branch: Beau Mandac, Davao City Branch: Ricky Lim & Gideon Lim Target Market: Everyone If there is one thing that unites us all, aside from love, it is the inexplicable desire to have our pictures taken! Whether to freeze a memory or as part of a celebration, pictures always elicit a range of emotions. Capture happiness, capture love with SNAP IN A BOX. “We have high quality equipment - from the camera to the printer - which produces excellent photo souvenirs that will last a long time. Each design is uniquely personalized to the client’s needs.” They emphasize, “We make sure that each souvenir is customized in the most creative way we can think of in order to capture what the client wants. For example, we had a client with a Grecian theme, so we put in a famous landmark from Greece in their background.” Whether you want to highlight a local spot or any dreamy locations from around the world, SNAP IN A BOX can capture it for you. When the going gets tough… The owners share four necessary traits for a successful partnership: PATIENCE – We devote our time to each event. We set up 2 hours before each event and handle each client according to their needs so that their event is “ Each design is uniquely personalized to the client’s needs.” fuss-free and their souvenir photos are perfect. OPEN MINDEDNESS – Communication with our partners is of paramount importance. We make sure that we are receptive to each other’s suggestions and comments. PERSEVERANCE –Business was slow during the first few months because of the competition, but because of our determination to provide the best service we could, it picked up and we now have regular clients. COOPERATION – At least one partner is always present at each event so that the quality of service is maintained. In finding the right people to man their booth, “we train them well, particularly in assisting the clients. We have 2-3 people on hand to setup and assist the people taking photos.” To avoid shortage of consumables like paper, ink and photo stands, “we order in bulk and source locally.” “We have packages for every budget! Our Premium Package includes a free 2GB thumb drive for the digital photo archive, given at the end of the event. We offer an online gallery of high resolution images that has no time limit so you can download and print your own pictures after the event. We also give discounts and freebies for early bookings.” Now that’s a lot to smile about! Offering a fun addition to your wedding, and already with three branches: Metro Manila Branch, Cagayan de Oro Branch, and Davao City Branch CAGAYAN DE ORO / BUKIDNON DAVAO (+632) 975.1616 (+6388) 850.8218 (+6382) 286.6803 (+63) 917.8551169 (+63) 922.8715221 (+63) 939.4881128 (+63) 917.7062580 (+63) 922.8804258 (+63) 939.4881128 (+63) 917.7926801 (+63) 925.5556463 METRO MANILA