Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 248

The Essence of a Flower It makes our heartbeat faster when he expresses his love with flowers. But, what do we know about the original meanings attached with flowers? Here are some interesting petals from 1) Did you know TULIPS used to equal a house in amount? Feel a rare kind of love with this beauty. 2) BIRDS OF PARADISE convey joy happiness. Celebrate your union with these. and Adrianas Flowers 3) Exotic ORCHIDS amaze and surprise. Impress with these flowers. 4) ROSES, the flower of choice for many, is for good reason. It’s the flower given by the Aphrodite to Eros, god and goddess of love Roses symbolize passion and romance. Flowers by Jade 5) CHRYSANTHEMUMS are said to signify fidelity. Be reassured the next time you receive this. 6) PEONY, an unassuming flower best used to represent the love that is timid and reserved. Loi Floral Sense by Serge 7) AMARYLLIS flowers are exce ptional in its bulb’s capability to produce flowers up to 75 years. Flowers SUNFLOWER – as sure as it rises with the sunrise and so does it bows with the sunset. Pure love. 8) 9) SWEET PEAS have a sweet fragrance to match a sweet, sweet love. 10) Samanthas Flowershop Chastity and virtue can be represented by a WHITE LILY. An honest love.. that waits. Adrianas Flowers