Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 221

The In-Between She’s not exactly morena but she is not mestiza or chinita either. When you find yourself not in any category, then you’re in-between. Your features cannot be labelled and so must be dealt with piece by piece, from the eyes to the lips. Sir Alberto Fuderanan is akin to a chemist – combining elements to get the perfect formula. “You can’t always just go with the colors available, in my case, I always mix colors to find the perfect one.” Before everything else, he makes sure to “clean, tone and moisturize..” the skin. Cleaning includes removing stray [brow] hairs and any residue. Airbrush is his personal choice for the foundation because it feels lighter and is easier to apply. He suggests warm browns for the eyes and a combination of peach and light pink for the blush. He adds, “It’s also important to have an airbrush blush base so the blush will stay on longer.” He says these are all classic colors for any bride. For more voluptuous lips, line the shape of the lip s, or extend a bit when needed. For the model’s lips, he mixed a bit of orange with pink, for a naturally nude finish. A relaxed up-do complemented the beauty of the model. “I don’t like changing the face of the client, I only bring out her real beauty.” (Make-up and Hairstyle by: Alberto Fuderanan and Em Paras) ☺ We are not created the same. It is important to know which style or colors work for you and not to just imitate what you think looks good on others. It’s essential to tell your makeup artist what you want and at the same time, listen to their advice.