Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 220

The Chinita Her chinky eyes and porcelain skin shows how much our ties with the Chinese have evolved. From foreigners, to one of us. The Filipina-Chinese beauty is a testament to the varied Pinay beauty that catches the eye of every one in the room. Despite the popularity of airbrush makeup, Ms. Cherrie Gil sticks with the traditional way of putting on makeup. For the foundation, one look at the model’s skin and she was able to blend the right shade with liquid foundation. For the eyes, she asks clients whether they want their eyes to look bigger or just to enhance it a bit. A no-no eye color include pinks and reds, she explains that “ may look like you’ve just cried.” She also did not want to use ‘whole’ falsies (false eyelashes) that can be too much for the chinita’s eyes. Instead, she uses falsies that are applied one at a time to make it look more natural. For the eye brows, she was firm in using powder or cream in place of brow pencils. She says, [brown] powder adheres to the natural hair brows, instead of the skin, again, to achieve a more natural look. (Make-up and Hairstyle by: Cherrie Gil Dayawon and Denden Amarille) ☺ Whenever we hear HD in makeup, it is normal to automatically think, air brush. But, Ms. Cherrie says otherwise, “I just finished workshop for High Definition makeup, but with the traditional method.”.