Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 219

The Morena Often, hers is the color that says: True Filipina. But, it is also the look that launched an industry keen on transforming the morena skin to white. From glutathione products to every whitening scrub, many are cashing in on this common insecurity. Find out why you should embrace your inner and outer morena. “I love morena skin!” exclaims Ms. Abbie Feraren. She shares that the morena skin is easier to enhance with makeup subtly blending with the skin, while more care is needed for mestizas because everything you put against the skin becomes very visible. For the foundation on the model, she used Temptu Airbrush Makeup, mixed shades to match the model’s skin tone, “..this is great even if it is hot, you just need to blot sweat or oil and retouch with minimal powder.” For dramatic eyes, she used a dark plum hue, stressing “We don’t want the bride to look dated. I made it darker to bring the focus to the eyes.” But, most colors, she says, will do. A delicate pink was reserved for the lips. For the model’s hair, the ends were curled and placed on one side creating a modern, romantic look. (Make-up and Hairstyle by: Abbie Feraren and James Abbas) ☺ Ms. Abbie puts the client’s skin type first. For oily skin, she uses and suggests a mattifier before putting on the make-up, for dry skin, she recommends a foundation with moisturizers. For normal skin, she still applies moisturizer before makeup.