Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 218

Pinay Faces T here is not just one Filipina look. We are as diverse as our history indicates – with mestizas, morenas, chinitas and everything else in between. These makeup artists shows us how best to enhance the beauty of every kind of Pinay bride. The Mestiza Strong features, fair skin and a Greek or straight nose – these are some tell-tale signs that define mestiza. Whether she has Spanish ancestors or another from the Western World, the mestiza is still every bit a Filipina. Ms. Allen Gyan Salinas prefers to use all-MAC products for our mestiza model. For the foundation, MAC Foundation NC 20 is her choice. For the eyes, neutral shades are best with a hint of smokiness for an evening look; Blush, light pink or peach. And to bring the focus on the lips, a bold red color is an option. “For the mestiza, go for classic, minimal makeup and choose a focal point, either the lips or the eyes. Not too much or they will look harsh, too little, they may look pale.” The model’s short hair was styled in a vintage fashion. ☺ For mestizas with a beach tan, like our model, Ms. Allen uses an Evian Facial Mist to prep the face. (Make-up and Hairstyle by: Allen Gyan Salinas and Denden Amarille) [Editor’s Note: Everyone should make it a practice to use a sun block lotion, in and outdoors. Mestizas are especially sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, so, slather up!]