Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 204

Contributors Photo Ideas pick a style pic Like a tongue twister that confuses, so are the varied approaches in wedding photography… yes, because there are many. From traditional to all sorts of non-traditional. I-SHOT un-twists these styles for a full exposure on each shot. TRADITIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ”The conservative type of photography—and so, it appeals to conservative couples. Those who prefer this would like standard shots. You have to follow how it all unfolds, from preparation to the reception – you don’t cut the ceremony.” The kiss. The whole entourage walking in. Cake slicing. All these fall under traditional wedding photography. Chronological order is crucial, telling you the highlights of the big day, from start to finish. PHOTOJOURNALISTIC “This is more candid, you capture moments. This is when you document the happenings without letting them pose, candid shots. Like, when a bride inadvertently trips. You show what happens, it is not scripted. This is a very interesting approach, but can be a bit challenging.” Flower girl yawning. Tearful guests. Or tearyeyed groom. Unlike simply telling the sequence of events or the program proper, each picture is a story in itself. Unguarded emotions on display. FASHION –BASED ”This is one of the more trendy methods now. Even ordinary clients would sometimes want ‘vogue’ wedding pictures. The photographer’s art direction is very important here. For example curvy brides can be made to pose in a certain way that would make her look slender. Basically, everything is a beauty shot. If clients are fashionistas, they would want this cosmopolitan feel going on. Shots in magazine spreads. If you think you want this, you could first try it for your prenup pictures. STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY “Play with the lighting. We will use studio lights, then you place it where it should be. It will be mostly directed by the photographer, main light, second lighting and highlights all in place. It’s best when couples are comfortable and cooperative as the photographer guides them.” This is a bit uncommon. But works great especially when it’s raining outdoors. Studio pictures, like what you had with family. Great for your wall display. FINE ART “This has something to do of course with art and technology. Post production is usually at the forefront, unless you chance by beautiful lighting that makes the shot look like a painting. For couples who like to recreate a fantasy, like walking on clouds, so we can do that artfully, specifically, with editing. Silhouettes is another example. Surreal shots. Dreamy. For those who’d like a piece of art, and them as subjects. Ishot Studio Address: 2/F. L.E. San Pascual - Alcantara Bldg. 376 A. Bonifacio Ave. Brgy. Jesus Dela Pena Marikina City, 1804 Contact no.: (+632) 4770982 | (+632) 4741543 Email: | I-SHOT’’s pick “A combination of Photojournalistic, Fashion-Based and Fine Art. It’s the trend now, and it has a huge following. These are all challenging methods, the fashion-based and fine art, creates really wonderful pictures, very beautiful. Although, beforehand, we talk to the clients to gauge which types suite them or which they personally prefer. We have an advantage because we’ve started from film, 15 years in photography, we’ve learned a lot.”