Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 201

List of Wedding Suppliers: night to make sure he understood my detailed specifications and requirements. We did not hire a wedding coordinator and an event stylist. Beingpractical and cautious, Ana wanted to personally manage everything, from the design of the cake, the wedding invitation, the souvenir items, the table centerpiece, and to the smallest of details. We both wanted to make our wedding very personalized. A lot of Ana’s friends helped us, including her current and former students. Everybody had a part, which helped us save a lot of resources down the road. The entire wedding preparation was a product of love, friendship and utmost creativity. Our marriage was celebrated by Fr. Roger Cruz, a local parish priest in Marilao, Bulacan, our hometown. His homily was pure, enjoyable and full of godly messages. The entire wedding ceremony was filled with joyful tears, genuine laughter and priceless moments. Barasoain Church’s aura was also festive in nature with all the traditional decorations t hat matched with our theme. Its historic significance added an insurmountable value to the memories that we had collected on that day. Church: Barasoain Church (Malolos City) Reception: Malolos Club Royale Hotel and Restaurant Wedding Gown: Joan Aquino Wedding Suit: Andrew Badiola of Irene’s Embroidery Barong deCalado Photographer: Mara and Mike Photography and Rain Pangindian Videographer: Mara and Mike Photography Cake: Punky Porca (Box of Sweets) Flowers: Saccharine Shoppe Hair and makeup: Ian Villafranca Artistry promised that we’re doing it once, never again. And wedding is supposed to happen once unless you’re celebrating a milestone, you know. Some of our closest friends and relatives gave us wonderful and inspiring messages. Video presentations, endless photo shooting and other entertainment-related gigs capped off our night. We spent the night with our guests and loved ones in a hotel in Malolos City, not far from the church. It also became a sort of reunion, as we had the chance to meet anew our relatives and friends from different stages of our lives. A short program was prepared to brighten and liven the night, which was led by two enthusiastic hosts, both of which are Ana’s friends and esteemed historians in the Philippines. We did all the traditional wedding activities, such as the toasting, cake slicing, releasing of doves, as well as games! The 4-ft tall cake towered and dulcified our night. Its design, overall ornamentation and artsy aura was cultural and highly personalized. We went to South Korea two days later for our honeymoon, and before I head back to the US. The weather was bitter cold but we were ready with our winter clothes and accessories. We stayed a couple of days in a suburb area near Seoul, and explored the city and other spots through its uberly sophisticated and efficient subway system. We visited historic sites and other popular tourist destinations, such as the Seoul Tower, National Museum of Korea (the sixth largest museum in the world), Myeongdong and Gangnam District.Cleanliness and orderliness was enviously conspicuous. Trendy youths and young adults showcasing modern winter clothes flooded the streets and shopping centers. Seoul is such a wonderful and iconic city. We also had the chance to try the traditional Korean attire while roaming around the airport. We were ecstatic with gusto upon learning this perk, and it’s all for free (make sure you try thison your next Incheon airport visit)! Ana and I tried the attire befitting a king and a queen. We promised ourselves that we will go back to South Korea and further explore this wonderful gem. Ana and I also danced our hearts out! We subjected ourselves to a series of rehearsals with our dance teacher (Ana’s high school classmate), who taught us basic dance steps, both traditional and modern. Yes, for the sake of our wedding and in hopes of entertaining the crowd. And we What’s next? We are excited. Soon, Ana will be joining me for good. We will continue to write our love story together, and take the ultimate road to forever. Yes, there’s forever. No? Well, we have a lifetime to prove it, so stay tuned. We will love each other forever and a day.