Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 198

The Ultimate Road to Forever By: Mark John L. Bojocan The day was the 2nd of January, the day after New Year’s Day, the day when people were about to end the annual holiday season festivities and return to their busy lives. But for two young souls, January 2 was something else. It’s an embodiment of love and unification that fleetly transcends beyond words and actions. Two individuals became one with God. Two celebrations filled with gushing jubilancy and fondness painted the path to eternity. January 2, 2016 was the ultimate day. Yes, that’s our day. I tied the knot with my long time best friend, Ana-Liza Ani, that day. Actually, that’s the second time around. The first one, in 2015, was a civil wedding. As such, January 2, 2016 was a two fold special day, our church wedding and 1st anniversary. The ceremony was held at the historic Barasoain Church located in Malolos City, Philippines. The Foundation I have known Ana since high schoolas we were schoolmates. I was one-year level ahead, and we both at times represented our year levels in different academic competitions, both intra and interschool. That gave us the opportunity to form a special bond and become good friends down the road. We stayed in touch when I went to college, and we even traded letters for one year. I wrote her about what college feels like, my challenges and funny moments; she wrote me back and recounted her high school senior year experiences and consistently asked me a lot of questions. The year-long connection made us collect a thick pile of letters, all considered priceless now. Yes, social media wasn’t a hit yet during that time. We continued to stay in touch while we were both in college, then we started drifting apart since