Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 196

A Wedding Planner’s Big Day How many of us can attest to a first love that lasts? Here is a couple who met and fell in love for the first time. Theirs is a union fated from the start. And their wedding, an expression of gratitude to each other, to their parents and to their siblings. By: Nadj Villaver Mr. Christian Francis Barrete & Mrs. Ma. Annecris Coritico Barrete Date of Wedding: December 08, 2015 Children’s: Mary Maccicheanne Coritico | Christianne Annche Barrete | Francis Ian Chant Barrete From a Dream to Reality Just like any other couple, Annecris and Christian’s love story began with a dream of finding someone whom they can call “forever.” In a time where “forever” seems hard to find, Annecris and Christian were among the lucky ones to find the missing piece to their hearts. And it’s through God’s call that they knew that they were meant for each other. Wedding Planner to Soon-To-Be Bride Despite being a wedding planner by profession, Annecris admit that planning their own wedding was a big challenge. One major reason was the limited time to prepare. Wedding planners usually suggest couples to prepare before they tie the knot. But with Annecris and Christian’s case, they prepared for their wedding for only two weeks! It was a small wedding with 50 names on the guest list but they coordinated with 40 suppliers. Challenging as it was, it was also exciting for Annecris to plan her own wedding together. She no longer acts as a weddingplanner but rather as the ‘bride and groom’ when it comes choosing suppliers and services providers together with