Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 193

events, instead you are making portraits. It is used for outdoors only, when the sun is up and able to lend us the infrared rays, best time is from 9am to 5pm. That’s why it’s used in prenups, before and after the wedding ceremony if the weather and time permits. As for post-processing, he points out the many available programs and plug-ins. But, of course, creativity and imagination is another thing. Treasured Memories carries the tools, knows the technology, and went further by enhancing it creatively and, still, naturally. And then, there is LOVE When we asked his take on art working alongside reality when capturing moments, he explained with concern, For us, we try to balance it. We need to show the love. You have to show the love. You know, in photography, it’s a cycle, sometimes the rage is black and white or sepia. But, I think, infrared is the wave of the future for wedding photography. Now, is the age for enhanced infrared photography.” Literally and figuratively, Enhanced Infrared Photography captures the seen and the unseen. The dramatic colors and the stunning effect it brings into the pictures invoke your emotions as well. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘awe’. It’s as if the love of the couple in the picture is reflected in their surroundings, a new dimension is created. For instance, one of the pictures he shows us was of a couple in Manila. The resulting shot was so surreal and amazing, you just don’t know where it was taken. It transports you from a common place to an exceptional one. And you have pictures to prove it. REGULAR SHOT INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY He adds, “Infrared photography is a unique style. You don’t always see it. Not all studios offer this. In fact, we’re only one of a very few here. It is used along with normal pictures, to break the commonality of an album. We offer quality for a reasonable price. ”. Brace yourself, these pictures will take your breath away. Treasured Memories #217 Solare Bldg. Capri Oasis Condominium, Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Maybunga Pasig City Tel. no. (+632) 955.1980 | (+632) 218.2177 Mobile: (+63) 905.2242222 | (+63) 917-5740901 Email Ad: Website: ENHANCED INFRARED PHOTO