Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 192

Contributors Enhanced Infrared Photography C Price-less apturing that is We’ve heard it said in photography -- captured moments. But, how do you capture emotions? How do you capture feelings? Can the magic of a moment, translate into pictures? Mr. Richard Gonzales of Treasured Memories shows us how it is possible through enhanced infrared photography. Lessons on Infrared You may have heard of infrared photography just recently, but it’s been around for more than a century. “It was established way back in 1910 by Mr. Wood from Europe.” he clarifies, “He used it for landscape photography. It was used to minimize haze when documenting areas or locations that are foggy or smoky. When you use a normal SLR, there will be a white overcast. But, with infrared photography, it harnesses only infrared rays from the sun. In effect, a clear image of the landscape will be captured.”. Other photographers and hobbyists then picked up on the technology. As Mr. Richard would put it, “ photographers, we’re looking for other ways to create more vivid images, and that’s why infrared was used.”. The Necessities For those interested to try to recreate the images they capture, he highlights some musts. The infrared filter , which is not yet available here, is fitted inside the camera to harness infrared rays only . Once you put it in a camera, that camera cannot be used in any other way but infrared. In other words, you need to dedicate a camera especially for infrared photography. And while high pixels are still recommended, there is no need for fast SLRs since you’re not just documenting