Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 171

TIFFANY CHAIRS For a sure look of elegance, nothing quite does it like a tiffany chair! With crowns, embossing and cushions, plus a guarantee for maintenance, you are assured of the highest quality of tiffany chairs from Tiffany Chairs Rentals. The more you need, the lesser the price per unit! For inquiries: (02) 668.9226 • 0917-8009226 PORTALETS Oh how uncomfortable it would be not to have a place to relieve yourself! When your venue can’t just cover for your numerable Guests or when a restroom is just unavailable, Portalets are to the rescue! EZKleen Portalets is a one stop event supplier, offers portalets for hire. Now you can reassure guests that wherever the wedding may be, their comfort is on top of your list! For inquiries: (02) 643.3393 TENTS Staying outdoors now doesn’t mean you have to risk getting sunburn, or worse, getting wet with a change in weather. Be ready with, what else, a tent! New World Tent Services makes sure your outdoor celebration remains a memorable one – rain or shine. From a cozy 8x8 to a massive 40x40, find the tent for your venue. For inquiries: (02) 850.0209 Facebook: New-TentWorld-Services-277580675655933