Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 162

Featured Supplier Coordinator Cherished Moments EVENTS MANAGEMENT “We work with a personal touch. Everything we do for the clients, we don’t treat as ‘work’, but endeavors we just enjoy doing.” Ms. Cielo Geronimo, and business partners Jackie Medina and Vet Lauzon, make cherished moments out of every wedding. Blessing in Disguise “I prayed for this..” recalls Ms. Cielo. Back then, she was already into wedding souvenirs; baking goodies or, for her own wedding, making candles for guests. Her penchant for getting into detail and taking difficult tasks caught the eye of her sisterin-law, who was then preparing for her wedding. “She asked me if I could try fascilitating things for her and I said yes.” Armed with imagination and her own experience to base from, her first major task concerned suppliers. Her friendly demeanor and panache won over, suppliers were impressed with how she handled things that, to her surprise, they started recommending her for other weddings. “My sister-in-law’s wedding was still months away, and so I was able to offer my services to five more weddings even before my supposedly first stint.” She still remembers asking the Lord for something she can truly be proud of. And thus, Cherished Moments began. Service Deluxe Six years into the business of creating moments to cherish and still, the people she gets are strictly those she knows very well. Starting with a trusted classmate, a dependable sibling and a husband whose driving skills come in handy – they formed a team that couples would learn to rely on. To keep clients happy, Ms. Cielo shares four traits essential to their success: Love of work. “Sometimes, it can be hard to please a particular couple. They may demand more than what is required of us. What keeps us going is our love for our work. We do these things, because we want to.” Ms. Cielo Geronimo cielogeronimo@yahoocom Four essential traits --“Love of work, dedication, being responsible and trust-worthy” Dedication. “I remember a foreign client who was not able to provide the papers that I was just suppose to compile for them. The wedding was days away, and so I had to work round the clock, talk with the right people and pray a lot. It was a very tedious week but we delivered.” Being responsible and trust-worthy. “Because we assist in more than one way, we sometimes find ourselves trusted with the most valuable items – gowns, rings – things that cost more than our professional fees. We pride ourselves with being able to take good care of these items. That’s why I only get people who I know on a personal level. ” To manage tasks efficiently, tasks are divided into roles: Bridal Manager, Technical Director, Church Coordinator, Reception Coordinator and Ushers. Ms. Cielo makes sure each and everybody experiences each role. Hence, her staff are wellrounded, they can deal with things on their own if the need arises. Truly, service deluxe – superior and competent. “Whether you are having a simple occasion or a grand one, one thing for sure is you will be spending hard-earned money. So it is important that you get the right suppliers and be able to organize the many details that go into a wedding. Sometimes, couples would put a coordinator last. But, actually, coordinators should be first on the list. We make sure you get your dream wedding within your budget.” (63) 917.5810730 | (63) 933-9735179