Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 160

Contributors Wedding Primer BLACK TIE ENTERTAINMENT When it comes to weddings, there are traditional and contemporary guidelines for you to consider to avoid less-than-satisfactory scenes. Mr. Bien Rivera of Black Tie Entertainment gives us basic planning ideas for a worry-free, BIG day. CHOOSING DISHES: Your favorite foods VS their favorite foods “If you’re having a buffet and expecting a guest who could be offended even by the slightest sight or smell (I know of some non-pork eaters who feel like throwing up when they smell lechon) of a particular item on your menu, it might be a good idea to sit him or her away from the buffet and have an appropriate dish served on the table.” ON MARRIED FRIENDS: Buy 1 Take 2? “Especially during weddings, it is poor etiquette to ask one part of a married couple and not the other..the exception would be during professional function such as conventions or recognition nights.” KIDS IN THE WEDDING: Yes or No? “If it’s formal event, it would be improper to invite kids. It would be uncomfortable not just for the other guests but for the kids themselves! I think the bigger issue is on guests who don’t seem to understand that they shouldn’t be bringing their kids or any pluses when the invitation clearly states its for Mr & Mrs.” SECOND ‘I DO’: Well, it’s always best to be ready, right? “Hire private security or the police if you think your ex would come to your party and rain on your parade.” ROYAL TREND: Recently, the royal wedding saw Kate Middleton dropping the “I obey”, how do we go about this without possibly offending our parish—or our husbands-to-be? “Princess Diana also removed ‘obey’ from her vows in 1981, which was seen as very feisty and against the royal protocol then. Now Middleton’s refusal to say obey is being represented as part of a modern marriage and a modern couple.” Some traditions are just obsolete. How can you be true to others if you are not true to yourself? “If you regard yourself as an equal, then by all means, remove it. Only the prejudiced would be offended.” HE SAYS SHE SAYS: Can’t seem to agree on wedding details, like, cake flavor? “Get a marriage counselor” LOL TRADITION VS PERSONAL CHOICE “This is your special day! You may omit certain traditions like the doves, the first dance etc. What’s important is that no one is offended and that you made it such a fun day that you and your guests will remember it for the years to come. Let me repeat, it doesn’t have to be a big wedding. What you save on the number of guests, you can use for extra booze, better food, great entertainment etc. You don’t want strangers or relatives who secretly despise you to be present at your wedding day, right?” FATHER IS M.I.A OR R.I.P.: Who walks the bride? “Pick the person who would feel nearly the same as your dad had he been alive [or present] to give you away. If you have an older brother who is very close to you, then he’s the next best option. If it’s an uncle or an older cousin, then it will have to be so. If none at all, then don’t force it. Walk solo, anyway, by the end of the wedding, you won’t be alone anymore.” Bien Rivera is a highly reputable Emcee and a former wedding & corporate event professional. For a free consultation, you can visit him on Wednesday evenings at Holiday Inn Galleria or Thursday evenings at The Legend Villas Hotel or contact him at (+632) 215-3220 • (+63) 9176594788 for an appointment at the Black Tie Entertainment office at Jollibee Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. TIGHT BUDGET: Potluck, anyone? Don’t. “ I normally suggest to the couple to simply invite less people. I find it more meaningful to have an intimate affair with the people that matter to the couple. In a large event, the people who normally eat-and-run are the ones who are not very close to the couple.”