Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 158

The Groom’s C hecklist Top ivTinigps When g ns, make instructio ive the sure you g rmation info complete nt names, – impor ta mber s and nu telephone ct ency conta rg e m the e per son. More important than future grocery lists and, probably, the first list you’ll ever need to do. Once you think you’ve settled everything – venue, caterer, attire, and more – it’s still NEVER done, not until the wedding has come to an end. So, to make sure you don’t forget the essentials as the day approaches, we’ve made a list of reminders especially for you, the Groom. Be sure to relay the list to the people concerned as well (groomsmen, coordinators, suppliers). what else to do a few weeks before Date and Venue. And probably, be ready with a map. For suppliers especially, if they’re not familiar with the venue, make sure they make an ocular visit to avoid getting lost on the day itself. Haircut. Don’t do it just a day ahead; your best bet is two weeks ahead and you’ll look like you just have naturally well-maintained hair, not like you just had a haircut. Gifts for groomsmen. You’d naturally put this one last, or not at all. But it’s nice to have a token for your helpful buddies, so, maybe now you have time to shop. Exercise. And, no, this is not an effort to magically get last-minute abs, it’s a natural de-stresser. Run, walk, jog. Transportation. How are you going to the church. Be sure family members who are with you also have their transportation ready. Finalize business or work-related duties. You don’t want the boss calling on the day. Documents, license, seminar. If you’re not done yet, set requirements as priority. what to bring Vows Religious items for ceremony and special items for the program Your Suit or Barong or whatever your wedding attire is Shirt, undergarments and a handkerchief (for misty moments!) Shoes and socks Comb, Hair Gel and other hair grooming things you need Breath mints (for the freshest ‘I do’ and for the rest of the day) Toothpaste and Toothbrush (you really want to look, feel and smell your best) Razor and shaving cream (to avoid unsightly cuts) Deodorant and cologne Contacts or Glasses (if you need them) Extra Money or Credit card (very important for unexpected additional expense) Medication (if you have any ailments) Something for luck or with sentimental value (you might have one you want to bring, so be sure that you do) and Wedding Rings!