Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 156

Ask the Expert Grooms Edition Makeup For Men -- oh, yes. “ Here’s something we don’t hear often given to [straight] men – make-up. But for this exceptionally special day, guys, hear us out. Ms. Gold Magtoto, professional makeup artist, updates this once passé practice. So, can men really wear make-up? Yes, say Ms. Gold “Admit it or not, grooms want to look exceptionally handsome on their wedding day. And why not? It’s their event too, after all.“ She further explains, “The new breed of men in this metrosexual genre (and I mean straight men) is more open to explore other ways to groom themselves, that’s why a lot of products have been made specifically for them. These days, users of cosmetic products are no longer limited to celebrities and models. Regular men shop for their own vanities at the store which prove that personal care isn’t just for women. Men, as with women, feel more confident and function better when they are complimented for the way they look; and what better time to feel so than on their wedding day. You’ll be surprised to know that men are a little more vain than we give them credit for. And I’m talking about the ordinary, average Joe, waiting for his bride to finish her trial makeup, and boldly asking “can you put concealer and powder on me too?” And again I say…”why not?” A stunning bride deserves to be complemented by a dashing groom by her side. But then there would be times when the bride initiates the suggestion to her groom so she can share the limelight with her man, and have him enjoy some pampering and attention as well.” Men and Makeup Phobia “Men are basically concerned that the makeup will look too thick or “white” and are horrified by the thought of their buddies noticing it and teasing him about his masculinity.” This is what men who are not comfortable with makeup worries about most. +(63) 918.941529 Gold Sergio Magtoto Professional Makeup Artist The best look (sans makeup, hairstyle, and clothing) is to wear a happy, worry-free face. ” “In this age of high-def (HD) technology, every pimple, scar and wrinkle will come out in the clear, crisp, hightech lens of a photographer. But boys will be boys, so if he insists to just keep it simple and come as he is, then that should be respected without prejudice. I would normally suggest a skincare regimen instead to make him look fresh on his wedding day. Aside from the hair, a man’s main concern would be oiliness on the face. So, more often than not, they’re open to using mattifying toners and oil-control primers at the very least.” Basic Grooming Tips a) Have your nails cleaned at a nail spa. You’d want them to be ready for their close ups with the ring. b) If you can’t be swayed into shaving the moustache, goatee or beard, then at least have it trimmed at your favourite barber or salon so that the length is even. c) Have a “trial” cut with your barber or hairdresser months in advance and take a picture. Don’t experiment on your hairstyle during the last leg of your preparations. d) Have facial treatments once or twice a month until your wedding day to slough off dead skin cells and clean your pores. Doing this over a long period will clear up your skin, it’s also a good bonding moment with your bride that you will both enjoy. e) Go to your dentist for cleaning and whitening. Bring a pack of mints on the wedding day too. “The best look (sans makeup, hairstyle, and clothing) is to wear a happy, worry-free face. You’ve prepared well enough, now breathe and focus on enjoying the reason for the event – and that’s having the best woman on earth exclusively yours for a lifetime. That’s a lot of “pogi points” for you already.”