Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 154

Ask the Expert Grooms Edition Host A Of Possibilities It’s easy to notice a bride. Her wedding gown, hairstyle and makeup are just some things that guests naturally anticipate. But, how about the groom? Ms. Jessie of Events on Demand reveals how she manages to put the spotlight on both… Sharing the Spotlight with Grooms Ms. Jessie shares what some grooms worry about – that it is a ‘bridal’ gathering and not a WE-dding. “It is true that most of the attention is given to the bride. But, when I host I give them both a spotlight. For the groom, there’s the removal of the garter. What I do is I ask the groom to do it differently to add excitement to it. Instead of the typical way, wherein the groom will just remove the garter by his hand, I ask the crowd to help me out in deciding whether the groom should use his hand or his teeth. It is expected for the crowd to say ‘use the teeth’ and that immediately brings a different energy in the room. Plus, the groom should use sexy moves. The people love it!” She also has suggestions for grooms. “Number 1 is to relax. Most of them are nervous. Even with their speeches. Remember, it’s your day. The best day of your life! Enjoy it because everyone will love you. They are there for you. Next, is to have fun. Smile all the time. Laugh when you feel like laughing! You might be tired and starved from the church wedding, but, the reception is time for your party. Do not worry or at least do not show the guests you are worried about your wedding. Let other people, your coordinators, handle them for you. Lastly, show everyone how much you love your wife. Kiss her when you’re asked to kiss. Say your message from your heart even in front of everyone. I tell you, when you do these things, the program will definitely flow smoothly.” Hosting Preference In the many weddings she has hosted, she notes that most grooms prefer an informal hosting style. Ms. Jessie of Events on Demand “ Kiss her when you’re asked to kiss. Say your message from your heart even in front of everyone. ” “They prefer it to be fun and not too serious. They want games and they want to make sure the host will not bore the guests.” But being informal doesn’t mean being tacky. Hosting is not a job for the carefree. She explains, “When I crack jokes, I’m careful with words that I use. I observe. I always observe the guests as they come so that I’ll know the adjustments I need to do and the style of hosting that I should use. Since, I can coordinate and conceptualize a program, every time a problem occurs, I can immediately create a solution. I can rearrange the program in such a way that the program won’t be affected at all. I also sing, so I give them some songs. When it comes to the games, encouraging the guests to join is not a problem. And I always make sure that they will enjoy it, too.” Simply Jessie “Hosting has always been my passion. I’ve hosted several weddings already for the past five years. I always give my clients the assurance of a wonderful and unforgettable program. I started hosting when I was in grade school. I was always chosen to speak in front of many people. It’s incredible that I’ve been a professional for more than 5 years now. The good thing about being a host is that every event depends on you. Make a good show and everyone will love you. Plus, make a good impression. When I first discuss with the couple, I talk with them professionally but in a way that both are relaxed, just like talking with a friend. I encourage them to tell me their preferences.” “Hosting a wedding is not exhausting for me. Simply seeing two people genuinely in love and finally decided to tie the knot, can bring much inspiration to me to give them the best wedding party of their lives!” (+632) 503.6313 | (+632) 964.6229 (+63) 977.8017013 • (+63) 909.0215147 Jessie Estom