Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 152

Ask the Expert Grooms Edition Grooms over Flower Flowers have always been woman’s territory. Roel Torres of Mr. Hardinero changes this notion, giving grooms allover a chance to smell (and love) flowers. The flower closes to HIS heart They may not be gaga over flowers—but, they do have a favorite. And it’s the same flower most girls look forward to receive. You guessed it right, roses! Torres says, “Men still prefer roses over any variety as it represents expression of true feelings: love, affection, appreciation and even an apology, can be transverse to the recipient.” Manly Blooms So, how do we choose flowers for the groom? “Normally, guys don’t like flowers, to some it reflects the soft side of them, to others, a speck of matter to complement the design style of their suit.” He adds, “But in a wedding, flowers form the universal conduit that blends both masculine and feminine side. As it heightens the euphoria of her dream wedding, on the men’s side, it serves as an expression of his love to her while being manly still in-check. Keeping this in mind, you could use tulips, rose bud, mini calla lily in deep colors or berries with a brown twig combined with any green pointed leaves could signal a manly representation.” So we can all give pastels a break. For a wedding that both infuses femininity and masculinity, intense colors are in. Boutonnieres to love Brides have bouquets, while grooms have their boutonnieres. Modern times call for more creative and more masculine versions compared to the generic ones that grooms (and ninongs and ninangs!) used to wear. Torres shares with us what every type of groom can wear: (+632) 209.3722 (+63) 922.8586844 “ Mr. Roel and Ms. Pam Torres of Mr . Hardinero a wedding, flowers form the universal conduit that blends both masculine and feminine side. ” [1] fashionable and sleek – The target design normally entails straight lines and formal shades, single or two colours only, materials should have clear edges, no dangling items that maybe swayed by brush of wind. For this type, you could combine green button mums, layered with stitched green horsetail shoots. [2] conservative and traditional – This type, pays respect to the old days and old style when one needs to consider every tradition and details. Keeping that in mind, a small stem of deep dark coloured flowers and a bunch of small green ferns would do the trick. [3] happy-go-lucky – For this type, being happy connotes no limitation to colour and materials alike. You could combine any colours you want as long as they are bright and clear as the sun. You could use carnations, gerberas and mums. [4] bold and daring - Bright and loud colours form part of said item, normally we use darker shades for men, but for this part one could go with yellow tulips or mini callas with coloured beads or crystals. [5] out-of-the-box— features something away from the traditional use of flowers. One could use any light material that can be easily pinned to one’s tux or barong, without damaging it. Depending on the theme, you could combine different elements to satisfy the requirement. Say for a “Beach Theme,” a combination of a shell with deep fuchsia pink flowers will work.