Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 150

Ask the Expert Grooms Edition Leading Prince Charming out of the woods Girls have a head start in the planning, as early as her elementary years, she could already have that dress in stow! Never mind if Prince Charming is years away from coming. But what happens when prince charming is here? Ms. Kathy of Imagik Events is here to guide our Prince Charming through the cobwebs of wedding planning. The Man of the Day Unlike in the west, where the bride or the bride’s family shoulders the expense, in the Philippines, the task is commonly given, err, taken by the groom. Although we see a growing trend in equal division of expenses, there is still a prevailing notion that the man brings home the bacon, and therefore, takes care of money issues. Ms. Kathy emphasizes, “..if he will take care of the wedding budget, then, most probably, he will also provide for the bag of expenses.” She highlights the importance of a groom to know how to spend wisely. “He needs to be a good financial manager, and, like the bride, know the details of the wedding. He needs to be a keen observer.” He is the man of the day, even if he did not choose the flowers or the dinnerware, in the end, he is responsible for making sure they are within their budget. Above and Beyond If brides are left to decide, most of the time, they wouldn’t bother their grooms as much. But Ms. Kathy shares the importance of talking with both the bride and the groom regarding the planning. “Remember, two heads are better than one. For example, canvassing for a photo-video supplier, I need to know what they both think.” The bride’s choice is not necessarily the groom’s choice. Compromise is next. “If the groom is an OFW or just not available for meetings, I make sure I have a direct line to him.” 84-A San Francisco St. Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City (+63) 920.9086958 Ms. Kathy Guillermo of Imagik Events “ ..only 4 out of 10 grooms do that. I do hope more grooms participate in their wedding planning. ” “When you get our services, we make sure our clients are never harassed. Coordinating starts as soon as the contract has been signed. Even if it’s just an on-the-day coordination. We make sure to go beyond what is asked. Our service is not in capsule form – it’s not about how much you just paid or what is indicated in the contract. We do what is needed. Building rapport with our clients is a must.” Expect nothing but ‘above and beyond’ with this wedding coordinator! The Groom Every Man Should Be “There was an instance that the groom was the one who set-up the meeting because it’s the bride who is unavailable. I was surprised because when we talked about the details, he came prepared with a list of suppliers. It was only coordination that he needed. I told him I commend him for being the best groom I’ve ever had!” Even if this groom was a bit hesitant, even asking Isn’t this too girly? The fact that he painstakingly went through the nitty gritty details tells a lot about his character. “In my experience, only 4 out of 10 grooms do that. I do hope more grooms participate in their wedding planning .” For Prince Charmings out there, Ms. Kathy has one last bit of advice. “Be patient. Know the details of your own wedding. And, remember to thank your bride.” (+632) 782.0851 (+632) 634.8089