Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 148

Ask the Expert Grooms Edition His Cake Although the wedding cake is their cake, it mostly reflects the bride --- white and dainty. Ms. Arlene Francisco of Layers and Layers shares with us the sweet truth behind the other cake – the groom’s cake. Re-introducing the Groom’s Cake Overshadowed by the wedding cake, the groom’s cake is yet to gain popularity. But it’s a cake that can make grooms...blush. “The groom’s cake is typically a one layer cake that is decorated to reflect a particular hobby or interest of the groom or sometimes a simpler version of the wedding cake. It is intended to be a gift of the bride to the groom to add a sentimental touch to the wedding day. The cake can be served as dessert or can be placed beside the wedding cake during the reception. It can also be sliced and packaged into tiny boxes with ribbons for guests to take home.” says Ms. Arlene. Aside from reflecting the groom’s hobby or interests, the groom’s cake is usually dark in color perhaps to indicate masculinity. You can also use it for rehearsals or as the cake for the engagement party. Layers & Layers (Cakes by Arlene) 11 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig “ Ms. Arlene Francisco of Layers and Layers adds a nice touch to honor the groom who might feel neglected. ” She adds, “A groom’s cake is certainly not necessary, but it adds a nice touch to honor the groom who might feel neglected.” Cake Matters But, do men really care about the cake? Surprise, they do. “There have been some men who are really more fuzzy about their wedding cake design. I’ve met with a couple wherein the groom did all the talking.” For brides and grooms who are limited by budget, Ms. Arlene says “ I really want to work on their budget and offer options like giving them all edible layers or one with just the bottom layer edible but with a taller cake.” And if their preferences are different, “I work on getting what they each prefer and incorporate them to come up with new designs.” Compromise. Now, that’s a sweet start! (+63) 917.6857525 | (+ 63) 915.1334337