Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 146

Ask the Expert Grooms Edition Suited for Him We owe much to the grooms. Especially for all the little time spent on his attire. Designer Edd Sy changes that and helps men walk in style… Classic Barong or Suave Suit? These are the usual choices for grooms to consider. When should you choose the delicate fabric of our own barong and when to go refined in a matching suit. Edd Sy lays down the fibre on each fabric. “The groom should consider his built and height when choosing what to wear. For those with a bigger built or who are plump, go for barong. Because when you wear a suit or tuxedo, it basically forms your body. So, if the groom has constraints, especially on the tummy area, a barong is more safe. But only if it also goes with the design of the bride’s gown. If she’s wearing something like Victorian or a very modern gown, it would be best to wear a tuxedo or a suit. Of course, if it’s Filipiniana, then go for barong.” He adds, for garden weddings, specifically when it’s hot outside, “we shy away from recommending tux or suits”. Details and Features But how about his groomsmen? Are they required to wear the same attire as the groom, or a version, at least? He says, although it’s best to be coordinated, it is not a requirement. He explains, “Even if the groom is in a tuxedo, I think it’s okay for his groomsmen to wear barong. Especially if there are [financial] constraints. There is an advantage though, if the groom would be the only one in a suit or a tux, then he stands out.” As for the groom and his entourage wearing barongs, “The groom could have a Chinese collar, Swarovski buttons, piña and with a silk organza lining and underlining of silk, instead of camiso de chino. For the entourage, regular collars, regular buttons and camiso de chinos.“. (+632) 913.7072 | (+632) 421.6493 (+632) 346.0484 | (+632)211.0344 eddsy_design collection “ Edd Sy Those minor things that you didn’t think will add up...will actually do. ” How else can grooms stand-out? “Another option will come if it’s a thematic wedding. I did one thematic suit for a ‘Lord of the Rings’ theme. For a silver wedding, we used a silver lining and then when you add the piña, the result was a very beautiful thematic barong suit.” He adds, “Before, men are almost always taken for granted. I always see to it that they are also given importance. That they are also noticed.” Grooms Take Note After answering our questions, Edd Sy continued to share with us ideas and tips for grooms. He says, if the groom is small, a suit with one solid color allover will help to make you look taller, compared to a light-coloured barong matched with dark pants, which cuts your body. A minimum budget of P15,000 is his advice for the attire to ensure a suit that can measure up to the bride’s gown. On skin tone and the suit color to match, “It varies but rarely is there a constrain. Sometimes, if the groom is dark, darker suits go well. For fairer ones, we have to be careful that they don’t pale out.”. And one more thing, “I had a funny experience once, the groom was wearing an off-white suit. And black socks. I asked why? ‘You should have worn cream..’ But, he just thought it wouldn’t be seen anyway.” he laughs and continues, “But, look.” (He proceeds to show us a picture where the black socks in question stood out.) Those minor things that you didn’t think will add up...will actually do.” (+63) 917.8472928 (+63) 922.8394250 (+63) 922.8394250