Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 145

8 9 Post-wedding Task If your man is really squeamish about taking part in the wedding planning, then, let him handle that which comes right after... the honeymoon! Let him pinpoint where you will go and the things you can do (drop in a few hints to help him know what you’d like too). He can also take the assignment of finding your place. Whether you plan on renting, moving in, buying a house and lot or settling in a condo, your man can narrow down the search and take care of the big (and heavy) stuff. Photo Courtesy of Jasper Cayabyab A Groomed Bridal Registry Do not be fooled by the word ‘bridal’. The gifts you register should reflect what both of you would love to receive. So, while you are keen on having all these matching linens and silverware, let your groom have a say on the other vital things you may be missing (Perhaps, a complete tool set for future fixings in your house? Or an upgraded sound system for movie nights?). 10 Handygroom Skills We can’t classify all men in just a single category—so, what is your groom’s strength? Is he an engineer who handles schedules in construction? Translate that into wedding planning and you have an official schedule organizer. Ask him to make a working schedule for you to be able to meet your wedding-related deadlines. If he has great PR skills, let him deal with difficult people. If he is a businessman, then his contacts can just be the people you need. A graphic artist cum groom can easily design your invites. It’s about identifying how you can naturally fit your groom into wedding planning, by letting him take charge of tasks he can relate with, and not with burdening him with things he really does not know.