Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 144

4 6 7 The Food and The Booze That age-old saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” says more than just how to snag him. It also suggests that when it comes to food and drinks, he knows exactly what must be on the menu. Bridesto-be have food, however important it is, last on their list for many reasons. They may be on a diet or they just don’t want anything messing with their gown or makeup—factors which make food-choosing a more daunting task for her. Thankfully, your groom-to-be is less on the fuss. And the booze, it’s his call too. 5 Transportation Cars are his toys. While you are busy picking flowers, he can get busy finding the right ride for you. And the transportation task does not end with your grand entrance; it can also include arranging transportation for friends and relatives coming from a far or in big groups. And most especially when you are having a destination wedding. Vows and Speeches It’s becoming a trend, writing your own vows can make the ceremony a more personal and a more unique one. For someone who speaks not as often (compared to the vocally-unchallenged women), this is the perfect time for him to be heard. Let him speak out in the beginning with a vow, in the middle with a toast and in the end, with a thank you speech for everyone. Music This one is special. He does not have to be much of an expert, he just needs to compile some good music. He can ask family and friends for assistance, and you have one less task to worry about.