Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 143

1 2 Let HIM do the MATH Whether or not it is a fact that men are better in MATH than women are, use this much-debated trivia to your advantage. Men have been thought of being good with numbers, so for your wedding planning let him (a) manage the budget, (b) compare and analyze suppliers’ fees including discounts and special offers, and (c) do all the financial haggling! He may not understand the difference between carnation pink and fuchsia, but he can tell you which fits the budget. Paperwork While he shares your joy for the wedding to come, he may not be as good in daydreaming with you. What’s better though is he can make the dream official and legal by attending to the requirements needed before the wedding – birth certificates and/or baptismal certificates, certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR), marriage license... requirements may differ depending on your religion, nationality and wedding location. Photo Courtesy of Richel Mascarinas 3 His Style, His Choice Yes, you’ve had your dream wedding gown design in mind since you were in diapers but that doesn’t mean you get to do the same for him. While coordinating is a must, let your husband-to-be handle what he will wear. Better yet, let him handle what the rest of the guys (hello, groomsmen!) will strut with down the aisle. You may be surprised with how suave he can get. Add in the choice of boutonnière in his list, he and his men will be wearing it after all. NOTE TO MEN: We trust your sense of style, but it doesn’t hurt to ask our opinion either.