Wedding Digest Philippines Grooms Edition - Page 134

COVER STORY “I DO” says - Excel V. Dyquiangco Of course, not in the altar - yet - but to a music career that has made him a household name. No wonder Richard Poon’s all prepped up and stylish; he does have all the makings of a classy superstar. His mother was a huge opera star in Taiwan and his elder sister a singer, a dancer, a host and a theatre actress. So when the whole country witnessed his soft, smooth elegant performance, and his boyish charm bursting into the music scene in 2008, the hype was indeed unbelievable. He takes jazz into a whole new level and gives it a new twist of his own. Since then, Poon proudly graces many bars and lounges across Metro Manila, has regular stints on television, does concerts to a packed audience, and gets invited to sing at corporate shows and weddings as well. Here, the big band crooner goes intimate with The Wedding Digest about his humble beginnings, his difficulties in the industry, his ideal woman and his take on a perfect wedding.