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W HAT TO A SK Y OUR W EDDING B AND  How do you describe the style that you have when it comes to playing music?   Can we come take a look at one of the other weddings you’re doing?   Getting a feel for the band means sampling them, as well. You want to see them in action. If they have an upcoming wedding, it is important to poke your head in and see how they do. If they don’t or you cant, then consider asking for a tape. Will you find out if the space has everything you need for the music system?   Knowing more about their style means that they can conform to the music style that you need or want. Going with a band that doesn’t have the same style as what you expect is a no-go. This is not only one less thing you have to work out, but it also means that they know what they’re looking for. They know their sound system, so being able to find out if your venue can accommodate it is a great thing. Can you play special request songs that we want?  Usually, any band is going to play what you want, but it is also good to ask them. You want to know how they will react to this type of question. With anything from a religious song to a pop song, or anything in between.