Webinars Enhesa's 2015 Global EHS Regulatory Forecast - Page 35

EHS Trend 1: Greater Focus on CSR Initiatives _______________________________________________________________ New Amendment Clarifies Scope of CSR Reporting in EU • • • Under the new amendment, companies exceeding an average of 500 employees on their balance sheet will be subject to non-financial reporting. European enterprises will need to prepare a nonfinancial statement containing information relating to environmental matters, social and employee-related matters. Estimated that 6,000 companies will be subject to CSR reporting in Europe. What’s contributing to this trend? Standardizing requirements due to globalization 4 critical questions companies need to answer as they begin to create procedures to ensure compliance when EU member states implement the amending directive. 1) Are you required to report? 2) What CSR information do you have to provide? 3) What aspects of your supply chain do you need to analyze and disclose? 4) Will you have to have any CSR information assumed by a third party? Public opinion & pressure ©2015 Enhesa. All rights reserved. Enhesa's 2015 Global EHS Regulatory Forecast 35