Webinars Enhesa's 2015 Global EHS Regulatory Forecast - Page 22

EHS Trend 4: Significant Rise in Enforcement Activities _______________________________________________________________ Argentina: Proposal to add environmental offenses to Argentine criminal code. • Could face 25 years of imprisonment • Fines as high as 500,000 Argentinian Pesos Chile: Draft law proposes establishing criminal liability for companies • Companies would be criminally liable for work accidents that occurred as a consequence of the employer’s negligence • Penalties would include dissolution of the company and cancellation of its legal status or a fine ©2015 Enhesa. All rights reserved. Mexico: Proposal to impose higher fines for breaching environmental legislation Mexico: United States: • Fines imposed on corporations would range between 600,000 to 8,000,000 Mexican Pesos, daily minimum general wage. Operators of potentially polluting activities to have environmental insurance • Insurance coverage would be based on the costs for environmental remediation activities • Operators would be subject to stricter enforcement provisions • Could be held liable for environmental damage EPA releases enforcement data from 2014, indicating trend of increased prison time for most severe violations Enhesa's 2015 Global EHS Regulatory Forecast • EPA’s criminal program generated $63 million in fines and restitution, $16 million in court-ordered environmental projects, and a combined total of 155 years of incarceration for guilty defendants. 22