Webinars Communicating Value of a Risk Reduction Culture - Page 7

Your Challenges Do you face challenges in communicating the value of your EHS program to your corporate team? If so, explain what is challenging or why. Value is doubted Yes No Translating EHS value into $$$ Yes if significant budget needed Not yet learning from each Near Miss EHS has been a "football" over the past (6) years Not in the value, but in direction Other business lines have their own thinking in EHS Different cultures different priorities We have integrated EHS into the business strategy Always, no explanation required There is open communication Management buy in Not at the moment There is a hierarchy and systematic escalation process Too many to explain Complicated divisional structure Perception our industry is low risk Demonstrating risk exists even if there haven’t been accidents Influence decreases as we reach outside the traditional Operations departments Communicating the Value of Risk Reduction – September 2013 7